1. Smart Growth - Rather than chasing trends, we should hold true to what makes Lindon unique yet be strategic in how we build out the next 10 years to bring a sustainable economic ecosystem, revenues and amenities to keep our town neighborly, family friendly, and beautiful.

2. Protect Our Tax Dollars - Too often the answer for government is to spend and raise taxes. By paying off debt, running lean and being cautious entering new liabilities during the economic good times we can plan and invest wisely.

3. Safety and Infrastructure - Roads, Water, Sewer and Public Safety are core responsibilities we must tackle and maintain. These have complexities and challenges but are critical to preserving our way of life.


My husband Dean and I were blessed to build our first home in Lindon as a young couple 27 years ago. We love this "Little Bit of Country" that is a neighborly, beautiful and safe place to raise a family. As a young mother, I wanted to give back whether it was laying sod at a new park, helping run music programs in the school, volunteering on the PTO, or later serving as a local Republican Caucus State Delegate and Precinct Chair. 

After being appointed to the Planning Commission in 2011, I quickly dove into understanding zoning, coding and land use laws and became passionate about how Lindon would develop. In 2014, I was honored to be selected to fill a vacancy on the city council from a pool of 12 worthy candidates. I have loved serving and doing the things both small or large that will make Lindon not only wonderful now but 50 years in the future when I am gone. We are the proud parents of 6 kids and our first grandchild that was born this July!